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Federal Cabinet Appoints Coal Exit Commission

After much debate, the Federal Cabinet on 6 June 2018 approved the Commission on Growth, Structural Change and Employment (Kommission Wachstum, Strukturwandel und Beschäftigung), also informally called coal commission or coal exit commission. The commission will look into Germany’s next exit project after the nuclear power exit, the coal power exit.
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Back Again

It has been a while…  It’s not that there has been nothing to write about.  But I simply did not have the resources to do the Blog properly.  Fortunately, it looks like this is about to change.  Stefanie Kremer has agreed to contribute some of her time and expertise to the Blog.  With a bit of luck, we should be up an running again soon. If are also interested in contributing, please let us know!


Auction Design: BMWi Launches Public Consultation on Market Analyses for Different Renewables

Te Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has presented different market analyses for the other renewable energy sources, launching a public consultation on them. This is to prepare auctioning of financial support for all renewable energy sources by 2017 at the latest. It follows the recent announcement of the first tender for financial support under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) for freestanding PV power plants.

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Ulrich Mutschler Passed Away

I am very sorry to report that Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mutschler, one of the co-founders of the German Energy Blog, has passed away.

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