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Permitting Regime for Small Wind Turbines Under Discussion

Small wind turbines are a fast growing market, but the existing permitting regime provides some challenges. It mainly follows normal building permit rules.  However, state and regional authorities are sometimes struggling how to deal with small wind turbines permits.  Continue reading ‘Permitting Regime for Small Wind Turbines Under Discussion’

Singulus to Expand Solar Business

2009 was the worst year in the history of Singulus Technologies AG, said founder and CEO Roland Lacher.  But things shall improve with the expansion of Singulus’ solar business. Continue reading ‘Singulus to Expand Solar Business’

E.ON to Raise Electricity Prices as of May

E.ON, one of the four major German utilities, annouced that its subsidiaries will raise electricity prices on average by 4.2% as of May. Continue reading ‘E.ON to Raise Electricity Prices as of May’

Viessman Strengthens Market Position

Viessmann Group, one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems, generated a turnover of EUR 1.6 billion last year. Continue reading ‘Viessman Strengthens Market Position’

Overview Solar Feed-in Tariff Reduction Proposal

Various newspapers and websites reported additional details about what the solar feed-in tariffs pursuant to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) shall look like after the mid-year revision. Continue reading ‘Overview Solar Feed-in Tariff Reduction Proposal’

BDEW: Expansion of Renewables Requires New Electricity Grids

The installed capacity of renewable energy installations in Germany rose from 8.271 MW in 1998 to 38.140 MW at the end of 2008. A further expansion requires new electricity grids, said Roger Kohlmann, a member of the executive board of BDEW, the German Energy and Water Industry Association, at the opening press conference of the trade fair E-world energy & water 2010 in Essen. Continue reading ‘BDEW: Expansion of Renewables Requires New Electricity Grids’

Evonik Reported to Sell Stake in Steag

The Essen-based conglomerate Evonik Industries AG is reportedly seeking a buyer for a stake in its subsidiary Evonik Steag GmbH, Germany’s fifth biggest power producer. Continue reading ‘Evonik Reported to Sell Stake in Steag’

Later but Slightly Higher Cuts of Solar Feed-In Tariffs?

Cuts of the solar feed-in tariffs will come a bit later, but will be a bit higher than proposed previously, Hans-Peter Friedrich, head of the group of members of the Christian Social Union (CSU) in the German Parliament (Bundestag) said after a meeting of the ruling coalition partners CDU, CSU and FDP on Tuesday. Continue reading ‘Later but Slightly Higher Cuts of Solar Feed-In Tariffs?’

E.ON and Masdar Extend Cooperation

E.ON AG wants to extend its cooperation with its Abu Dhabi partner Masdar. Continue reading ‘E.ON and Masdar Extend Cooperation’

E.ON Close to Selling IT Subsidiary

E.ON AG, one of the four major German utilities, is on the brink of selling its IT subsidiary E.ON IS, Financial Times Deutschland reports. Continue reading ‘E.ON Close to Selling IT Subsidiary’