VZBZ: German Consumers Still Support Energy Turnaround – but Critical of Implementation

82 % of the German consumers still support the phase-out of nuclear energy and the expansion of renewable energies, but only 40% agree with the implementation of the energy turnaround, the Federation of German Consumer Organisation (Verbraucherzentrale  Bundesverband – vzbz) says.

According to a recent survey carried out by forsa on behalf of vzbz, 48 % criticise the implementation of the Energiewende, particularly rising energy costs.

“The energy turnaround is a proper and important step, also in the view of the consumers. But this acceptance must not be wasted. Therefore corrections in the way of implementation are now required”, Gerd Billen chairman of vzbz stated.

52% of the consumers see rising energy costs as one of the big disadvantages of the energy turnaround, but the advantages still prevail (63%). As advantages of the energy turnaround the consumers mentioned in the first place climate and environment protection (38%), followed by more safety because of the phase-out of nuclear energy (23%).

When asked whether they support the centralised construction of offshore wind farms as this was less detrimental to the landscape and produced less noise for humans, 15% considered this clearly more sensible (klar sinnvoller), and 17% rather sensible (eher sinnvoll). On the other hand, when asked what they thought about the decentralised construction of many wind power plants distributed all over Germany because this would require fewer new power line corridors to transport electricity, 16% considered this clearly more sensible (klar sinnvoller), and 39% rather sensible (eher sinnvoll).

Holger Krawinkel, Director of Consumer Policy at vzbv: “The promotion of renewable energies must be limited to favourable technologies. Solar and onshore wind power have a significant cost advantage compared to offshore wind farms.”

A majority of the consumer (62%) also criticise the exemptions for certain companies and industries from the EEG surcharge and network charges.

Sources: Federation of German Consumer Organisations – vzbz, survey of consumer interests in the energy turnaround

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