BDEW 2015 Power Plant New Build List – 53% of Projects Uncertain

BDEW has published its 2015 list of German new build power plants. 53% of the power plants projects with a net capacity of 20 MW or more and high availability (conventional and offshore power plants) are uncertain, the Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industry (BDEW) said, when presenting its annual update for the so-called BDEW Kraftwerksliste. If the energy turnaround and the transition to renewable energies as the main pillar of the energy supply was to succeed, reliable back-up by new efficient and climate-friendly (highly available) power plants was needed, Hildegard Müller, chairwoman of the energy trade association BDEW, stressed.

According to the BDEW overview 74 power plants with a total capacity of roughly 33,000 MW are currently being planned, are in the permitting process, have already received the necessary permits, are under construction or have started trial operations.

This is the same amount of projects as last year, yet projects are not (fully) identical. Total capacity according to the 2014 list was approximately 38,000 MW.

Yet for 39 projects the implementation was still in question, BDEW said, stressing that this was the case for only 32 projects in 2014, and 22 projects in 2013. If the political situation remained as it was, there would be no new, modern power plants, Mrs Müller said. There were simply no incentives to invest, even though  political declarations said otherwise. The opposite was the case she said, alluding to the plans to saddle conventional power plants with the obligation to CO2 emissions by an additional 22 million by 2020.

BDEW also pointed out that by end of 2022 when the last nuclear power plants will be closed down reliable power plant capacity will have diminished by 16.7 GW. Not only were power plant projects uncertain and nuclear power plants were closed, but the regulator, the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) had also been informed of planned closures of other conventional power plants (with a total capacity of 8,071 MW according to the latest BNetzA information). Besides, more plant closures had to be expected given market developments, the increasing unprofitability of conventional power plants and stricter emission limits, Mrs Müller said.

Source: BDEW

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