National Electromobility Iniative: Agreement with Government on Next Steps to Boost Electromobility

Despite progress in the number of registered electric cars and the number of models available, Germany has still a long way to go to reach the government’s goal of having 1 million electric cars on German roads by 2020. On the occasion of the National Electromobility Conference in Berlin on 15/16 June 2015 the National Electromobility Initiative (NPE) informed that it agreed with the government on the next steps for the market launch.

NPE named the following topics:

  • A special depreciation (Sonder-Afa) for commercial users that shall boost the sale of electric cars (this reflects recent suggestions by Environment Minister Hendricks);
  • Implementation of private and public procurement initatives;
  • Incentives for publicly accessible charging stations through a joint investment programme by the private and the public sector;
  • Further R&D in line with NPE’s roadmaps worth EUR 2.2 billion until 2017, financed jointly by the private and the public sector;
  • Joint efforts to do research on and establish cell production in Germany.

NPE said it had hoped for more commitment by the government, but was was hopeful that the above measures were put into place this year.  Current incentives did not suffice to reach the one million goal by 2020, NPE President Henning Kagermann said.

Matthias Wissmann, President of German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) remarked: „Regarding the goal to become a leading supplier we are on track: By the end of the year 29 models by German manufacturers will be available. In this regard we have delivered. However, the concepts of leading supplier and leading market are closely intertwined. Hence, the progress made at the conference can only be a first step. The government should move ahead swiftly and agree on additional incentives in the coming months.”

Regarding the Electromobility Act, which provides for special rights for electric cars, but does not foresee direct aid, please see the second blog post below. The German version as published in the Federal Law Gazette, can be accessed here. The act entered into force the day after publication, i.e. on 6 June 2015.

On 1 January 2015, 18,948 electric cars were registered in Germany. Regarding growth in the period January to March, please see here. Information on registrations in April and May (in German) can be found here and here.

Source: NPE; Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

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