Infineon, BMW, Daimler and Others to Develop Modular System for Electric Cars

Ten companies and research institutions, including Infineon, BMW and Daimler, have joined forces to develop a modular system for electric cars in a project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research worth EUR 7.5 billion. The project will run until 31 December 2017. It is lead by Infineon.

The project „HV-ModAL“ wants to create more powerful drive solutions thus making electric cars more attractive by creating a modular system that can be used for a wide range of drives by different manufacturers.  Power output shall range between 50 kW and 250 kW and cars shall have a significantly higher driving range, Infineon says, adding that currently 125 kW and a range of 150 km are the standard.

According to Infineon, in the first phase of the project the partners want to get an understanding for electric drive car platforms for the whole automobile value chain. Subsequently, they want to test what the best components for such platforms are. Research shall be done with regard to IGBT modules for high power output up to 250 kW and high voltage up to 900 V, modular multi-level DC/DC converters, batteries with integrated DC/DC converters and system components for batteries with more than 600 V.

Partners in the projects are besides Infineon, BMW and Daimler, also automotive supplier Bosch, drive system developer AVL, Fraunhofer Institute Erlangen, the University of Hanover, the University of the German Armed Forces and RTWH Aachen University.

Source: Infineon

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