Germany: Largest Installed Capacity of Solar Energy Worldwide 2014

According to the “Renewable Energy Capacity Statistics 2015” report recently published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Germany has the world’s largest installed capacity of solar energy. Germany’s share of solar of the worldwide installed capacity amounts to 21% followed by China with 16 % and Japan with 13 %.

The IRENA report provides data on the developments of renewable capacity for the period 2000 – 2014.

1. Solar Energy

At the end of 2014 Germany’s share of the worldwide installed capacity of solar power (179.6 GW) amounted to 21% (38.2 GW) followed by China with 16 % (28.1 GW) and Japan with 13 % (23.3 GW).

2. Hydropower

Hydropower still has the biggest share in the installed renewable capacity, but due to the very rapid growth of solar and wind energy, the share dropped from 93% in 2000 to 64% in 2014. The total amount of installed hydropower capacity is 1,172 GW. China has the world’s highest share of installed hydropower capacity with 301.8 GW (26%) ahead of the United States 101.7 GW (9%) and Brazil 89.2 GW (8%).

3. Wind

With 115.4 GW of wind capacity installed at the end of 2014, China is also leading at the installed wind capacity table. China accounts for 31% of the global total of 369.6 GW ahead of the United States (64.8 GW; 18%) and Germany (39.6 GW; 11%).

4. Bioenergy

At the end of 2014, 94.5 GW capacity from bioenergy had been installed globally. The United States leads this sector with 13.5 GW of bioenergy capacity installed (14%) ahead of Brazil (12.3 GW; 13%) and China (9.5 GW; 10%).

5. Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy with 12.4 GW adds the smallest part to the global total amount of renewable capacity installed. At the end of 2014, the United States accounted for 3,5 GW (28% of the global total of 12.4 GW), ahead of the Philippines (1.9 GW; 16%) and Indonesia (1.4 GW; 11%).

6. Total global renewable power capacity

The total global renewable power capacity was at 1,829 GW. This is about 1,000 GW higher than 14 years ago. 2014 was also a record year for the renewable energy sector with 133 GW of net additions.

Sources: BMWi, IRENA

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