New Foreign Office Brochure “Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany”

The Foreign Office has published an English language brochure “Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany” that is intended to serve as a guide to better understand the Energiewende (energy transition) in Germany. It informs briefly about the goals of the Energiewende and provides helpful information on contact partners in politics, industry and society.

1. General Information

The German Energiewende consists of phasing out nuclear power by 2022 and gradually replacing conventional power by renewable power so that by 2050 at least 80% of the electricity are supplied by renewable energy sources like wind, solar power and biomass. Besides energy consumption shall be reduced and energy efficiency increased. The brochure outlines these goals, describes the path Germany is taking, the tools it is using to achieve them and describes results reached so far.

Regarding the information “on the public debate as to how the electricity market can be adjusted to the requirements of the Energiewende” (cf. page 8), please note that the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has meanwhile not only presented a Green Paper but followed up with a White Paper.

2. (Contact) Information on Stakeholders of the Energiewende

Interesting contacts for those seeking information on the German Energiewende are listed according to the following groups of stakeholders.

1. The State

  • Federal Ministries
  • Federal Authorities/Regulators
  • Municipalities

2.  Industry

  • Transmission System Operators
  • Associations/Lobby Groups
  • Energy Agencies
  • Financing and the Electricity Market

3.  Society

  • Research, Consultancy, Training
  • Civil Stakeholders (NGOs, Think Tanks)
  • Foundations of the Political Parties

The individual information consists of short at-a-glance information, a brief description of the institution and the actual contact information.

Besides the brochure provides contact partners in the sixteen German Länder, the federal states, and contact partners for statistics and market data.

3. Omissions

A blatant omission in the brochure is … that the German Energy Blog is not listed 😉

More seriously, the 46-page brochure does not include  renowned entities, firms ot individuals that contribute to the Energiewende debate from the legal side, also internationally. Of course, the Energiewende is driven by politics, and legal concerns are often unwanted in that context. But even if you only want lawyers involved in the process to sidestep the most dangerous potholes on the way to achieving your political goal, they need to be part of the process.

The Energiewende is a massively disruptive process that seriously affects not only commercial but also legal positions of many parties. Its implementation is done through laws and regulations, often  drafted and decided in a hurry and/or under immense political pressure, with serious side effects, both positive and negative, intentional and unintentional. Understanding the legal side of existing, potential and future Energiewende disruptions is important, also for an international audience.

Let’s see if the next edition of the most helpful  “Who is Who of the Energiewende in Germany” will also include lawyers. In the meantime, as you are reading this, you at least know where to find some of them already.

Source: Foreign Office

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