BMW to Build Electric Cars in Leipzig

BMW Group decided in favour of its plant in Leipzig, Saxony,  as the production site for its new electric vehicle, the so-called Megacity Vehicle. The first cars are scheduled for delivery in 2013.

“The BMW Group will build the car of the future in Leipzig with high-tech innovations from Bavaria. The main reasons behind this decision are the qualities that Germany has to offer: we have a tried and tested production network here and high levels of education and outstanding competencies at our disposal” BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said.

The Megacity Vehicle which shall provide mobility in urban environments, is being developed as part of the so-called “project i”. BMW intends to sell the car  in the first half of this decade under a sub-brand of BMW. According to the magazine Automobilwoche, the new car shall be the model for a whole range of electric cars, for which BMW is still looking for a name.

Sources: BMW AG, Automobilwoche