Blogwende – Back Online!

Thank you for all the kind emails and patience during the recent “energy savings phase” on the blog! I’ll try to get some repowering done, with more regular posts again. Anyone with great ideas, funds or time willing to contribute to a Blogwende at the German Energy Bog?

As I have written previously: This blog is a personal project, and it is not sponsored or endorsed by any law firm or client. Annette, who has enormously contributed to the blog, found greener pastures elsewhere. Her new in-house lawyer position is making many people very happy at her new firm, but (most unfortunately) does not leave her sufficient time to continue contributing to the blog.

We may need additional, sustainable power for the blog to get its frequency up again. My “daytime job” as an energy partner in an international law firm fortunately also keeps me rather occupied, limiting the amount of energy I can put into the blog myself. Please contact me and and/or leave a comment below if you have any great ideas, funds or time to contribute.

In the meantime, look forward to further posts in at least in the next two months.


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