Hot Topics on Gas Supply Arrangements – IBA Annual Conference Vienna

I had the pleasure of chairing a great session on “Hot topics on gas supply arrangements” at the IBA’s Annual Conference in Vienna.

The session took place on 8 October 2015 and was very well received. It included the following subjects:

  • Gas as the Low-Carbon Bridge Fuel? Not without a Lot of Trouble, Jeff Makholm, NERA, Boston
  • Overview of US and EU Markets and Pipelines, Paul Bieniawski, Zechstein, The Hague/Houston
  • Latin America Overview – Challenges and Opportunities on the Gas Market, Humberto Quintas, BP Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
  • Boosting the security of gas supplies for gas-dependent countries. Case of Ukraine, Maryna Ilchuk, Arzinger, Kiev
  • Antitrust intervention in EU gas markets – clear aims, unclear ramifications? Heinrich Kühnert, bpv Hügel, Vienna
  • Price review of European gas sales contracts: The End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End? Stephan Jervell, Wiersholm, Oslo
  • Legal challenges and gas pricing in the European Markets, Elmar Schweers, RWE Supply & Trading, Essen

Source: International Bar Association

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