Second Solar Auction in 2018 Heavily Oversubscribed

On 13 June the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) published the results of the second solar auction in 2018. 59 bids with a total volume of 360 MW were submitted to BNetzA in this tender round. The tender volume of 183 megawatts was again clearly oversubscribed.

Out of these 59 bids and a volume of 360 MW, a total of 28 bids (183 MW) were eventually awarded a contract. While the highest successful bid was 4.96 ct/kWh, the lowest price bid was 3,89 ct/kWh. The volume-weighted average price of the successful bids roses slightly to 4.59 ct/kWh. In comparison, the previous bidding round registered a volume-weighted average price at 4.33 ct/kWh. Nevertheless this is clearly below the allowed maximum price of 8.84 ct/kWh, pursuant to § 37b EEG.

BNetzA’s President Jochen Homann said the results display “once again the strong competitiveness of large solar installations. This round also shows the high potential for solar systems on arable and grassland areas of inferior quality.”

Many bids were given for planned solar systems on arable and grassland areas of inferior quality. These areas designated as less-favored areas of lower quality are located in the federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. With 13 bids over a total of 90 MW, this was almost half of all bids that were awarded.

The list of the 28 successful bidders  includes inter alia Energiekontor and EnBW Solar. Out of the 28 bidders, 15 bidders are subsidies of Enerparc.

Until 2 July 2018 the successful bidders now have to provide BNetzA a secondary security (Zweitsicherheit), otherwise the award will expire.

The next auction will be 1 October 2018.


BNetzA press release,  BNetzA’s publication of tender

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