BNetzA: Again High Security of German Gas Supply

“The reliability of German gas supply remains at a consistently high level”, Jochen Homann, president of Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) said. The so-called SAIDI index (System Average Interruption Duration Index), which indicates the average time of interruptions of the gas supply per connected end consumer, fell from 1,03 min/a in 2016 to 0,988 min/a in 2017, the second lowest level since the start of systematic record taking by BNetzA in 2006.
Gas grid operators have to submit a report on interruptions to BNetzA by 30 April each year (Section 52 German Energy Act (EnWG)), stating the time, duration, extent and cause of interruptions, which occurred in the last calendar year. Based on the reports of the 724 gas grid operators in Germany BNetzA has determined the SAIDI value for 2017.

The SAIDI index contains unplanned interruptions caused

  • by third parties,
  • repercussions from other grids and
  • other disruptions that occurred in the sphere of the grid operators.

The SAIDI index does not contain planned interruptions nor interruptions due to force majeure.

The average time of interruptions of the gas supply per connected end consumer was 0.988 in 2017. This is again slightly below the long-term average of 1,7 minutes.

The German gas network continues to be extremely reliable, and the regulation of the Federal Network Agency will ensure the long-term high quality of the German gas network,” says Jochen Homann, President of BNetzA.



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