Bavarian Environmental Minister Calls for Complete Tax Exemption of Electric Cars

Owners of electric cars shall be permanently exempted from the motor vehicle tax and shall not pay electricity tax for years to come, Bavaria’s Environmental Minister Marcus Söder (Christian Social Union – CSU) demanded in a policy paper on electromobility.

“We have to create greater momentum for electromobility. Political appeals do not suffice”, Mr Söder told Münchner Merkur.

Mr Söder set a target of 200,000 registered electric cars in Bavaria until 2020. According to estimates by the Federal Government 1,000,000 electric cars will be registered nationwide by that time.

Mr Söder proposed a package of measures promoting electric cars, consisting of special licence plates indicating the tax exemptions as well as streamlined registering and insurance procedures. Fleet operators, including car rentals, shall be eligible to write off electric cars faster. Municipalities shall provide cost-free parking for electric cars in the city centers.

Generally, Mr Söder calls for greater political effort by the government. “Other countries have start-up aid for new technologies, Germany only has the car scrapping bonus. That’s not enough. Electromobility needs stronger incentives”, he said.

Source: Münchner Merkur

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