Construction Starts for Baltic 1 Offshore Wind Farm

This Monday was the official date for the beginning of the construction of the first German offshore wind farm off the coast of the state of Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania. 

As the newspaper Die Welt reported, a spokesperson of the operator EnBW AG, a major German utility, this date had been named as the official start of construction vis-à-vis the authorities. In the coming days the first ship with construction material for protective installations for the foundation shall arrive on site. As of the fourth quarter of this year 21 Siemens turbines with an installed capacity of roughly 50 MW shall generate approximately 185 GW of electricity.

Vattenfall Europe Baltic Offshore Grid GmbH, as the responsible transmission grid operator, has started working on the grid connection in July 2009.

Baltic 1 is part of EnBW’s plans to increase the share of renewables in its energy portfolio to 20% until 2020.

Source: Welt Online 15 March 2010, Welt Online 9 July 2009

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  • Dr. David McMillan

    Does the wind farm operator pay for the grid connection in the case of Baltic-1? Or is the connection paid for by another company?

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