Incentive Program for Micro Combined Heat and Power Plants May Expire

The government intends to discontinue its incentive program for micro combined heat and power plants (Mini-KWK-Anlagen), often called “basement power plants” in Germany, the business newspaper Handelsblatt writes.

We do not have confirmation by official government sources, but there have been rumours of such a move in the past weeks.

Since September 2008 owners of micro combined heat and power plants have been able to receive financial aid for plants with an electrical power of up to 50 KW. The program has been a great success. According to the German government 10,200 applications for state aid have been submitted until the end of 2009 and 4,400 plants have already received subsidies.

A cancellation of the program would also affect the EcoBlue at home power plant project by VW and the utility Lichtblick. According to the internet site Stromauskunft, Lichtblick, the gas provider GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG and the micro combined heat and power plant producer SenerTec have called on the goverment to continue the incentive program.

Source: Handelsblatt, Stromauskunft