Chancellor Merkel to Launch National Electromobility Initiative on 3 May

Together with the automobile industry, Chancellor Angela Merkel has started an initiative for the promotion of electric cars. On 3 May 2010, she will officially launch the National Electromobility Initiative (Nationale Plattform Elektromobilität).

350 representatives of the automobile industry, politics and various associations have been invited to a meeting hosted at the premises of Deutsche Telekom. The National Electromobility Initiative shall help to coordinate and facilitate activities in the field of electromobility.  Until autumn, seven working-groups with some high-ranking industry representatives shall develop ideas for an electromobility strategy, which shall be finalised until spring of 2011.

The meeting is organised by the Office for Electromobility. The Office has been set up in February 2010 by the Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWI) and the Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) in order to pool activities and competences on electromobility. It is located at the Minstry of Economics and Technology.

“We want to make Germany a leading market for electromobility and have one million electric cars on our roads by 2020”, Minister of Transport, Peter Ramsauer told the newspaper Die Welt.

The Second Economic Stimulus Package of the government shall provide an intitial EUR 500 million for the National Development Plan Electromobility for R&D, market preparation and market launch. “In total more than EUR 2 billion in financial aid for battery and fuel cell operated electric cars are available”, Minister Ramsauer said.

Source: Welt Online

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