Demonstrations Against Nuclear Power Extension Plans

Two days before the 24th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, demonstrations against nuclear power and the ruling CDU/CSU and FDP government’s plans for an amendment of the Atomic Energy Act (AtG) took place on Saturday. The coalition government intends to allow German nuclear power plants to operate longer than currently provided for. The details, especially the duration of the extension, are presently discussed. It was one of the largest mass demonstrations against nuclear power, the newspaper Die Welt said. Roughly 120,000 protesters formed a 120 km long human chain along the river Elbe against nuclear power starting a the nuclear power plant in Brunsbüttel near Hamburg and ending at the plant in Krümmel. At the same time approximately 20,000 people demonstrated at the nuclear power plant in Biblis, Hesse. Another 7,000 demonstrators gathered at the interim storage facility for radioactive waste in Ahaus in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Among the protesters in the north of Germany were the chairman of the Social Democratic Union (SPD), Sigmar Gabriel, and the chairman of the Greens, Jürgen Trittin. Both met for a symbolic handshake.

Source: Welt Online

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