Opposition Against Raising EU 2020 C02 Emission Reduction Target to 30%

The German and the French Ministers of Economic Affairs as well as the German trade associations BDI and DIHK are opposed to EU Commission plans to unilaterally raise the EU’s 2020 emission reduction target for CO2 emissions from 20% to 30%, write Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) and Handelsblatt.

The EU Commission’s proposal will reportedly be announced on Wednesday. According to the Commission, a higher emission target is technically feasible and affordable, FAZ says.

The French and German Ministers for Economic Affairs are allegedly opposed to the plans, arguing the EU requirements for tighter CO2 reduction targets were not met and would unilaterally burden and weaken especially the German economy in the period of economic crisis.

Contrary to Rainer Brüderle, Minister of Economic Affairs and Technology, a Free Democrat (FDP), his Christian Democratic colleague Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen, has repeatedly called on the Commission to raise the EU C02 target for 2020 to 30%, pointing out the positive aspects of climate protection for the German economy. Interestingly, the coalition agreement between the ruling CDU/CSU and FDP government sets a CO2 reduction target of 40% until 2020. According to FAZ, the FDP lead Ministry of Economic Affairs argues that raising the EU CO2 reduction target to 30% would lead to the need for Germany to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 40%, possibly 50%.

The trade associations BDI and DIHK oppose a unilateral tightening of the EU CO2 emission target as well, writes Handelsblatt. The EU cannot afford costly unilateral measures, the paper quotes the DIHK chairman.

Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Handelsblatt

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  • I think that its appauling that there is such opposition to this 2020 target. If these companies think that the target is too high that dosnt mean that they should oppose it all together. for example VW should make more of an effort to reduce the cost of their eco cars (instead of spending money on opposing the 2020 target) and promote them better (their new bluemotion advert is a step in the right direction)

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