Legal Action Against Nuclear Power Extension?

In an interview with the weekly newspaper Die Zeit, the CEO Georg Müller of the regional utility MVV Energie from Mannheim said an amendment of the Atomic Energy Act (AtG) that stipulates a gradual phase-out of nuclear energy in Germany until 2020 would invalidate investments in modern power generation plants. He did not rule out legal action.

A nuclear power extension as currently discussed by the ruling CDU, CSU and FDP government would infringe upon “solidified business opportunities” (verfestigte Geschäftschancen), Mr Müller said. MVV had made investments relying upon the existing laws, which must not be put into question each election period by the then ruling government, he added.

Asked under what conditions he would approve a nuclear power extension, Mr Müller first and foremost demanded that the position of the utilities that do not generate nuclear power be taken into consideration in the current debate. He also called on politicians to skim off  excess profits in the event of a nuclear power extension. The money should be spend on the transformation and restructuring of the German energy sector, e.g. on renewables and energy efficiency, he said. He further demanded to promote combined heat and power, arguing this would efficiently use the heat generated while producing electricity.

Source: Zeit Online

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