Global Wind Day – Wind Power Statistics Germany 2009

Today, 15 June 2010, is global wind day. Events worldwide highlight the importance of wind power as a renewable and clean energy. 

Wind contributed 37.8 TWh to the final German energy supply in 2009. Newly installed wind capacity of 1,917 MW came from 952 new turbines. Offshore wind generation started in 2009, with 60 MW of newly installed capacity.

21,164 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 25,777 MW generated 6.5% of the 2009 electricity consumption in Germany. The 2009 share of biomass was 5.2%, followed by hydropower (3.3%) and solar (1.1%). Wind power thus contributed the biggest share to the 16.1% of electricity generation from renewable energy in Germany, despite 2009 being a weaker wind year than 2008.

Germany’s 25,777 MW constitute 34.5% of the EU-27’s installed capacity of 74,767 MW and 16.3% of the worlds’s installed capacity of 157,899 MW at the end of 2009.

In their coalition agreement, CDU/CSU and FDP agreed on an EEG amendment with effect from 1 January 2012 that will create improved conditions for the repowering of wind power stations and establish planning security for offshore wind power.

Sources: Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety,, EWEA, DEWI

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  • I occasionally noted the rolling archive published by REISI Wind. On 27 Jan 09 their 23,196MW of wind turbines was actually generating bless than 100MW for much of the day, with a low point of one MW at 3pm. UK winds, six dozen Met Office observation sites, were good for abt 3%, and Denmark see , was worse. The same anticyclone covered all three countries – and much more.

    Shortly afterward, REISI Wind ceased publishing that data.

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