President of Ifo Institute Calls for New Nuclear Power Plants

Not only does Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn, President of Ifo Institute for Economic Research, favour an extension of the operating time of the German nuclear power stations, he also calls for new ones, reports Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ).

Nuclear power is unrivaled with regard to the cost, he said. Besides, it is a green technology as well, considering CO2 emissions. He suggested that the government look abroad, saying no other country was still planning to phase out nuclear power. Germany was the wrong-way driver, he added.

For understandable reasons, the renewable energy lobby demanded a phase-out of nuclear power, but their interests did not coincide with the interests of the consumers, Prof. Sinn pointed out. “The less nuclear energy is produced, the higher the electricity price will be, helping renewables to get competitive”, he added.

He dismissed running a modern industrialized country solely with wind and solar power as illusionary.

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

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