Forsa Poll Shows Growing Support for Nuclear Energy in Germany

Amid the heated debate among German political parties over the issue of extending the operating times of the German nuclear power plants, a new poll conducted by the reknowned research institute Forsa for the weekly magazine Focus shows growing support for nuclear power in Germany.

According to the poll, 81% of the respondents said Germany could not do completely without nuclear power. This is a sharp rise in numbers compared with just five years ago, when this answer was given by 59%. Not surprisingly, support for nuclear energy is lowest among supporters of the Green party. Nonetheless, 60% meanwhile believe that nuclear power is necessary to ensure the electricity supply in Germany, the Forsa poll showed. 79% of the supporters of The Left are of the same opinion, as well as 81% of the followers of the Social Democrats (SPD) and 90% and 93% of the supporters of the Conservatives (CDU and CSU) and the Liberals (FDP), respectively.

In view of these results, Forsa Chief Executive Manfred Güllner sees “nuclear power being dedemonized with numbers of acceptance for this energy form as part of an energy mix growing”. The public had a pragmatic attitude towards the energy generation, he said, adding that almost three quarters (74%) of the population believed “the debate about nuclear energy was influenced by ideological positions”.

Only 30% of the participants of the poll believe that renewables will be able to meet the energy demand in the near future. Even among the supporters of the Green party only 43% are of this opinion.

Source: Focus

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