Röttgen Suggests State Guarantees to Support Offshore Wind Power

In an interview with the newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt, Federal Minister for the Environment Norbert Röttgen said that he wanted to facilitate investments in wind power. He would also support state guarantees to facilitate financing of offshore wind parks.

Investment conditions shall be improved in every respect, from the planning phase to building as well as offshore grid expansion and onshore grid connection. The expansion of offshore wind power shall be of strategic importance. “I will support state guarantees for offshore wind power companies”, Mr Röttgen said. “I believe that by 2050 electricity can almost completely be provided by renewable energies with wind power being the backbone providing 50% of the electricity”, Mr Röttgen added. According to Hamburger Abendblatt, he said he hoped for ten binding investment decisions by the end of 2011 as a result of the new support package for wind power.

Source: Hamburger Abendblatt

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