Effect of Smart Meters Overestimated?

Smart meters cannot help reduce energy costs as much as anticipated, the magazine Spiegel writes. On the contrary, new studies showed that they can even drive up costs.

Since the beginning of the year, smart meters that constantly show the consumption data are obligatory for new buildings and renovated old buildings. The new transparency is intended to help consumers identify ways of saving energy.

However, savings are overestimated, Spiegel says. Three different studies came to the conclusion that savings made after the installation of a smart meter amount to

  • EUR 21,50 (Peter Klafka, Aachen);
  • EUR 9 to 42 (Wissenschaftliche Institut für Infrastruktur und Kommunikationsdienste, Bad Honnef); or
  • EUR 12 to 50 (Federal Network Agency, Bonn).

Yet the installation of the smart meter costs EUR 35 to 100 according to the German Energy Agency (dena). Furthermore, a yearly service fee of approximately EUR 60 to EUR 240 has to be paid.

Source: Spiegel Online

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