New Gas Grid Access Ordinance Adopted

The Federal Government finally adopted the revised Gas Grid Access Ordinance (Gasnetzzugangsverordnung – GasNVZ) today. It shall lead to more competition in the gas market.

The new GasNVZ shall in particular facilitate market entry for new competitors. It will mainly rely on three instruments:

  • Reduction of market areas from currently 6 to 2 at the most by 2013;
  • Easier access to scarce transport capacities by non-discriminatory auctioning of free capacity;
  • Improved network access for gas-fired power stations.

The Bundesrat (Federal Council) had agreed to the Cabinet’s proposal on 9 July 2010 with modifications regarding a cooperation agreement of the grid operators.

The new ordinance remains to be promulgated. It shall enter into force one day after promulgation.

Source: Press Release Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Federal Council

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