OVG Münster Dismisses Action Against High Voltage Line Connecting Datteln Power Plant

The 11th Senate of the Higher Administrative Court of Münster (OVG Münster) dismissed the action brought by BUND against a high voltage line intended to connect E.ON’s building project for a coal-fired power plant in Datteln to the grid.

BUND  (Bund für Umwelt- und Naturschutz Deutschland – The League for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany) had objected against the project, claiming the construction of the power line would seriously affect nature and the landscape.

OVG Münster dismissed the lawsuit on formal grounds. BUND had not raised its objections in due time and form, and was hence precluded, the court held.

The 11th Senate did not grant BUND leave to appeal. BUND can appeal this decision with the so-called “Nichtzulassungsbeschwerde” (appeal due to denial of leave to appeal).

After the setback E.ON AG suffered over the zoning plan for the Datteln project, this is good news for the company.

Source: OVG Münster, Rheinische Post

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