Reiche Calls for Port Masterplan for Offshore Wind Industry

Dr. Katharina Reiche (Christian Democratic Union – CDU) called for a masterplan to ensure port capacities for the expansion of offshore wind parks.

The German government pins high hopes on the expansion of wind power, especially offshore wind power. According to the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Germany wants to have 25,000 MW of offshore wind capacities installed by 2030.

Mrs Reiche, who is Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMU, suggested to convene a roundtable to discuss the matter with representatives of the Federal Government, the Federal States concerned, municipalities and industry members.

“Currently port capacities are the bottleneck that threatens to hamper the further expansion of offshore wind parks. Only the Netherlands have six suitable ports that are already used for German and British offshore wind park projects”, Mrs Reiche said. As other countries also had ambitious offshore wind farm expansion plans, using foreign ports would become increasingly difficult, Mrs Reiche added. She welcomed the plans for the Offshore Wind Port Bremerhaven. Creating the necessary port facilities would provide enormous growth and job potential, she said.

Source: NWZ Online

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