Phase-out of 75 W Light Bulbs as of 1 September 2010

Last year 100 W light bulbs were phased out following the EU Ecodesign Directive. As of tomorrow, 75 W light bulbs follow suit. Sales will continue until stocks run out.

According to the timetable set by Commission Regulation (EC) No 244/2009 of 18 March 2009 implementing Directive 2005/32/EC with regard to ecodesign requirements for non-directional household lamps, 2011 sees the end of the 60 W bulbs. In 2012, the 40 and 25 W bulbs shall be phased out. As the timetable is contained in a European regulation, it applies directly in Germany, without a need for transposition into German law through German legislative action.

The EU decided in favour of the phase-out as traditional lightbulbs are relatively energy inefficient, converting only 5% of the energy used into light. The rest is lost as heat. They are replaced by LEDs (light emitting diodes), compact fluorescent bulbs and improved incandescent bulbs or halogen bulbs.

Source: European Parliament

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