State Aid for Electromobility Networking Project

BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) informed that its 100th grant under its main support program for innovations of small and medium-sized companies (ZIM) went to to an electromobility networking project.

The project comprises twelve partner companies from four states that want to create a network for light-weight components for electric cars for middle-sized suppliers, in order to better prepare for the changing manufacturing processes of electric cars, the BMWi press release says.

The support program “Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)” consists of three modules. Under ZIM-KOOP, cooperations between small and medium-sized companies and between small and medium-sized companies and research institutions are sponsored. ZIM-SOLO supports individual R&D projects of SME. And ZIM-NEMO promotes external management and organizational services for the development of market-oriented networks of innovative SME.

BMWi also pointed out its efforts to support German companies in saving material, raw material and energy. It mentioned its vouchers for the promotion of so-called “innovation management” for small companies (“go-Inno”), which were introduced this May. Under go-Inno small companies are refunded for 50% of the costs of consulting services by authorized consulting companies.

Source: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

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