10-Point Immediate Action Program for German Energy Concept

As a first step towards implementing its Energy Concept, the German federal government has adopted a 10-point immediate action program which it intends to implement by 31 December 2011.

The immediate action program includes the following ten items, considered of special importance for meeting the goals of the Energy Concept:

  1. Amendment to the Offshore Installations Ordinance (SeeAnlV)
  2. EUR 5 billion credit program “Offshore Wind Power”
  3. Grid platform where the key stakeholders can exchange information and develop concepts to meet the challenges of grid expansion
  4. Cluster connections of offshore wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas
  5. Exemption of new pumped storage plants from grid charges
  6. Information campaign “Grids for environmentally sound energy supply”
  7. Nationwide grid expansion planning as part of the implementation of the Third Internal Market Package in 2011
  8. Expansion of heat contracting in tenant protection legislation
  9. New Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Act to create a legal basis for testing the safe storage of carbon dioxide
  10. Establishment of a market transparency agency for wholesale trade in electricity and gas

A progress report for the action plan is shall be due by 31 March 2012. Every three years, and for the first time in 2013, the government will present a report on the implementation status for its Energy Concept, together with a monitoring report.

Source: Federal Minstery of the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety

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