E.ON Tests Smart Grid Ability of Peugot iOn Electric Cars

E.ON announced to test 60 Peugeot iOn electric vehicles in two communities in Lower Saxony. During the field test, the households of the test drivers shall be integrated into a smart grid for the first time.

Photovoltaic plants shall generate electricity which can either be consumed in the households or saved in the batteries of the electric cars. In order to optimize results, smart meters shall be installed. E.ON also provides power grids in both communities with new control technology and thus turns them into smart local power grids. Self-regulating transformer stations shall automatically balance voltage fluctuations arising from intermittent solar power.

“After successful pilot projects we now take the next step by integrating electric cars into a comprehensive, intelligent energy concept“ explained Klaus-Dieter Maubach, who is in charge of the business unit Technology on the Board of E.ON AG.

New, modern charging stations for electric vehicles as recently presented by E.ON on the occasion of the eCarTech trade fair in Munich shall also be installed for the project in Lower Saxony. E.ON has developed various models for different kinds of operation. Besides charging stations for public use, E.ON also offers charging stations for private garages.

The government’s target of 1 million electric cars on German roads by 2020 may well be exceeded, Frank Müller, Managing Director of the Federal Association for E-mobility (Bundesverband eMobilität) told dpa. He thinks 4.5 million electrics cars will be on the roads by that date.

Source: E.ON AG, Bundesverband eMobilität

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