City-State of Berlin Stops its Climate Protection Act

Berlin’s state environment senator Katrin Lompscher declared that the red/red coalition in Berlin stopped pursuing its project of a state Climate Protection Act (Klimaschutzgesetz).

Berlin is not only the national capital but also the biggest German city as well as a federal state (Land). Berlin is governed by a Governing Mayor (Regierender Bürgermeister), who is both the mayor of the city and head of the Land. The SPD/Linke coalition state government consists of the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD) as well as currently 8 senators.

As a Land, the city-state can also enact its own laws. The Berlin Climate Protection Act has been a very controversial legislatory project. There is even a website discussing the ministry draft (Referentenentwurf).

Senator Lompscher (Linke) declared that the political framework on the federal level currently does not permit a state climate act in Berlin. The federal Energy Concept would limit what could be done at state level. The intended compulsory modernisation of buildings of the Energy Concept was likely to be very expensive, and would not leave enough room to allow the originally intended measures at state level in Berlin. The Climate Protection Act therefore had to be deferred.

Sources: Press Release Katrin LompscherBerlinOnline

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