Norbert Röttgen Welcomes Cancun Agreements

Federal Minister for the Environment Norbert Röttgen welcomed the so-called “Cancun Agreement”, a package of decisions adopted by the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexiko, (COP 16/CMP 6).

Mr Röttgen called the decisions the basis for a climate protection agreement. “Cancun fullfilled the expectations. The participating states proved they are able to achieve results. For the first time the 2°C target for a temperature rise has been officially recognized by the world community. Although the measures agreed to are still insufficient to  meet this target, they constitute an import step forward. We have to build on the agreements reached in Cancun”, Mr Röttgen said.

The Cancun Agreements include mitigation targets by industrialized and developing countries which are officially recognised under the multilateral process. A new Green Climate Fund shall be launched and a framework to reduce deforestation in developing countries and a technology mechanism to promote technology cooperation shall be created. A total of $30 billion in fast start finance from industrialised countries to support climate action in the developing world up to 2012 and the intention to raise $100 billion in long-term funds by 2020 is also included in the decisions.

Parties meeting under the Kyoto Protocol agreed to continue negotiations with the aim of completing their work and ensuring there is no gap between the first and second commitment periods of the treaty.

Sources: press release UNFCCC; website UNFCC COP 16/CMP 6; Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety

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