BMU expands Support Program for Local Climate Protection Projects

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety (BMU) has expanded its support program for climate protection projects by  local entities such as municipalities and other social and cultural organizations. The program is part of the German Climate Initiative. It has a budget of EUR 30 million.

In its latest Energy Concept, the German government agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Germany in a staggered way. The reduction target for 2050, compared with emission levels in 1990, is 80 to 95%. The support programs under the Climate Protection Initiative shall supplement legal requirements and provide incentives for emission reductions.

The climate protection program, which started in 2008, now supports

  • The preparation of individual climate protection concepts and parts thereof. In general 65% respectively 50% of the costs are paid for as non-repayable subsidies.
  • Consultancy services regarding the implementation of climate protection concepts (or parts thereof) as well as the implementation of selected climate protection measures with a CO2 reduction potential of 80% or more. Projects that are eligible for funds under the support programs for energy-efficient construction (Energieoptimiertes Bauen – EnOB) or for energy-efficient cities (Energieeffiziente Stadt – EnEff:Stadt) by the Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) are excluded.
  • Consultancy services regarding the introduction or continued operation of energy savings projects in schools and day care centers.
  • Climate protection projects related to the use of electricity, e.g. the installation of highly efficient LED lights and control systems with a CO2 reduction potential of 60% and more as street or exterior lights
  • The preparation of a so-called “Masterplan 100% Climate Protection”. In these masterplans local entities strive for a 95% greenhouse gas emission reduction by 2050. They are supported by non-repayable subsidies covering 80% of reimbursable the costs.

Sources: BMU press release, guideline for support program

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