New German PV Capacity 2010: 341 MWp in October and September Correction Lead to 5,874 MWp in First 10 Months

According to the latest figures from the Federal Network Agency, October 2010 brought 340.541 MWp of newly installed PV systems in Germany. September figures were corrected upwards from 492.877 MWp to 654.368 MWp. For the first ten months of 2010, this brings the total to 5,874 MWp.

So far, the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) has published the following figures for 2010:

Month MWp
January 222.247
February 163.280
March 331.378
April 454.045
May 573.176
June 2,108.905
July 663.064
August 363.394
September 654.368
October 340.541
Total 01-10 5,874.398

Correction 13.11.2011: The latest figures from the Federal Network Agency actually contained a higher figure for September. The figure increased from 492.877 to 654.368 MWp, which I did not immediately notice.  The totals have now been corrected accordingly.

Together with the 9,785 MWp installed at the end of 2009 (BMU figure), this adds up to 15,659 MWp as of 31 October 2010. Figures for November and December 2010 have not yet been published.

It remains to be seen when the massive increase in German PV capacity in 2010 will lead to what kind of additional reduction of feed-in tariffs.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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