Mining Authority Approves General Operation Plan for Vattenfall CCS Exploration Project

The mining authority of the state of Brandenburg (Landesamt für Bergbau, Geologie und Rohstoffe – LBGR) recently approved the general operating plan (Hauptbetriebsplan) for a subsidiary of Vattenfall Europe AG for a carbon capture and storage project.

Legally, the operating plan covers the exploration of underground layers of rock in the Birkholz-Beeskow region. Seismological measurements shall provide information on the suitability of deep layers of rock in the region close to Vattenfall’s CCS demonstration power plant in Jänschwalde for CO2 storage. There is considerable opposition to the project in the region, in particular in the town of Beeskow.

The radio and television station rrb quotes Klaus Freytay, head of LBGR, as saying the approval of the exploration activities did not constitute a permit for CO2 storage. The respective permit could only be granted based on a CCS law, still to be submitted by the Federal Government. At present, Germany does not have a specific legal regime for CCS, and has not yet implemented the European CCS Directive 2009/31/EC. Agreement on a CCS law could not be reached during the last legislative session of Parliament. A new bill has not yet been presented. For more information, please see the related posts, in particular the “Overview German Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Law“.

Source: rbb-online, Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

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