Permit for E.ON Staudinger Power Plant in Großkrotzenburg

Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt on 28 December 2010 granted the 1st partial permit for E.ON’s new coal-fired Staudinger power plant in Großkrotzenburg. The permit has yesterday been made available for public review.

The new Staudinger power plant in Großkrotzenburg near Hanau in Hesse shall have an electrical output of 1,100 MW and a district heating capacity of up to 300 MW. It shall replace three older power plants. The 312-page long permit  has been published by the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt, the competent permitting authority.

The partial permit entitles E.ON to carry out preparatory construction work for the power plant, including construction of the boiler and engine house, the cooling tower and the cooling water pump house. It does expressly not yet allow the operation of the plant or parts thereof. The permit contains a number of collateral clauses, e.g. regarding air pollution control during the construction period as well as noise protection, light emissions, the prevention of vibration risks and ground water safety.

Regierungspräsidum Darmstadt issued the partial permit pursuant to the Federal Immission Control Act (Gesetz zum Schutz vor schädlichen Umwelteinwirkungen durch Luftverunreinigungen, Geräusche, Erschütterungen und ähnliche Vorgänge – Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz – BImSchG). It includes permits required pursuant to other laws, including building law and the Federal Nature Conservation Act.

According to Section 8 BImSchG, a partial permit for installations has to be issued if

  • the applicant can demonstrate a legitimate interest in getting (only) a partial permit;
  • all legal requirements for the relevant parts are fulfilled; and
  •  a provisional assessment by the issuing authority concludes that there are no insurmountable obstacles for the construction and operation of the (whole) installation.

The provisional assessment has binding effect as long as no change of the factual or legal situation or review in the course of other partial permits leads to a different assessment.

The Staudinger power plant has been opposed by a citizen action group and by the nearby town of Hanau, which announced to bring legal action against the project. In its press release announcing the partial permit in late December, E.ON said it expected legal action and wanted to study the complaints carefully before making a decision about the start of construction work.

Source: Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt

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