Ramsauer: No Subsidy Race For Electric Cars

A subsidy race for the highest government grants has to be avoided, said Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Peter Ramsauer at the meeting of EU Transport Ministers yesterday. He called for a coordination of support schemes on the EU level.

His comment has to been seen in the light of renewed calls by the German auto industry for state incentives for the purchase of electric cars. In Germany, roughly EUR 2 billion of state funding are available, mainly for R&D and pilot projects in model regions. Other countries like Italy and France provide direct aid of up to EUR 8,000, the magazine Wirtschaftswoche recently reported.

Germany was in the process of examining other incentives such as special parking or the use of special driving lanes for electric cars, Minister Ramsauer said. “I rather invest the taxpayer’s money in the maintenance of the infrastructure. Of what use is an electric car on worn-out road surfaces?”, he added.

Source: Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development

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