German PV Capacity 2010: 360 MWp in November Lead to 6,234 MWp for 11 Months

According to the latest figures from the Federal Network Agency, November 2010 saw 359.940 MWp of newly installed PV systems in Germany.

So far, the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) has published the following figures for 2010:

Month MWp
January 222.247
February 163.280
March 331.378
April 454.045
May 573.176
June 2,108.905
July 663.064
August 363.394
September 654.368
October 340.541
November 359.940
Total 01-11 6,234.338

Together with the 9,785 MWp installed at the end of 2009 (BMU figure), this adds up to 16,019 MWp as of 30 November 2010. Figures for December 2010 have not yet been published.

While other months showed an even higher increase in new PV capacities than October and November, the increase in German PV capacity in 2010 is still impressive. However, it now looks like the 2010 total may turn out lower than some had anticipated for 2010. As part of the calculation of the EEG reallocation (EEG-Umlage), the transmission operators had assumed 19,399 MW to be installed by the end of 2010.

A joint proposal by the Federal Environment Ministry and the trade association BSW Solar for an additional reduction of feed-in tariffs in July respectively September 2011 has been presently recently. It has already been approved by the government. Yet a number of politicians, scientists and institutions including the Advisory Committee on Environmental Issues to the German Parliament (Sachverständigenrat für Umweltfragen – SRU) call for higher cuts and/or a cap on solar subsidies.

It remains to be seen if changes will be made in the parliamentary process for the current amendment of the EEG, and what changes the bigger revision of the EEG for 2012 will bring about.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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