Bundesrat Clears Energy Line Extension Act Amendment

In its 879th session, the Bundesrat (Federal Council), the legislative body that represents the federal states, did not object to the Energy Line Extension Act (EnLAG) Amendment, which Parliament approved on 27 January 2011.  The amendment is supposed to accelerate permitting procedures for extra high voltage lines.

The amendment remains to be promulgated. The changes will become effective 14 days after publication in the Federal Law Gazette.

The amendment provides more powers to state authorities to decide when underground cables shall be used for extra high voltage pilot projects regulated by EnLAG. Underground cables shall improve the acceptance of grid expansion in Germany. According to the German Energy Agency (dena), some 3,600 km of new extra high voltage lines are needed until 2020.

There are doubts whether this amendment will actually lead to any acceleration, as it provides new rules for planning procedures that are already very advanced.

Source: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

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