3 Month Moratorium for German Nuclear Power Extension

Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a 3 month moratorium on the recently decided nuclear power extension. The announcement comes after massive problems particularly in the Fukushima nuclear power plant following last week’s earth quake in Japan.

The Japanese earth quake required a further analysis of the safety of  all German nuclear power plants, and an all encompassing energy discussion, chancellor Merkel and vice chancellor Guido Westerwelle said. However, a rushed decision to switch off German plants with simultaneous buying of foreign nuclear power could also not be the response to the catastrophe. The government wanted to speed up the process into the age of renewable energy, both politicians said.

Strictly legally speaking, the chancellor or the federal government cannot enact a moratorium on laws that have been passed by parliament to extend the operating times of the German nuclear power plants.  However, declaring the moratorium is a very strong political statement. Legal details of the moratorium will have to be developed in the coming days and weeks.

Source: Bundeskanzlerin
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