Launch of dena Biogas Register

The German Energy Agency (dena) announced the launch of the dena Biogas Register. The new internet site allows standardised documentation regarding quality and quantity of biogas in the natural gas network. Thus, trading biogas and claiming renewable energy bonuses is being facilitated.

The biogas register records biogas from generation until consumption. Producers who feed biogas into the natural gas grid enter the exact amounts into the register. Independent experts verify the correctness of the data. Participants can subsequently use and trade the biogas amounts. Final consumers receive proof of certified biogas, with which they can claim bonuses or certain tax advantages or demonstrate compliance with the following laws:

  • Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG): The EEG promotes renewable energy by granting fixed feed-in tariffs. Regarding biomass the EEG provides in Section 27 for feed-in tariffs which vary depending on the size of the biomass plant. In addition certain bonuses are granted for the use of innovative technologies, certain renewable primary products as well as co-generation. What is considered biomass in the sense of the EEG is defined by Biomass Electricity Generation Ordinance (Verordnung über die Erzeugung von Strom aus Biomasse – Biomasseverordnung – BiomasseV). Biogas is generally considered as biomass, but certain exceptions apply pursuant to Section 2 para 3 no. 5 BiomasseV.
  • Renewable Energies in the Heat Sector Promotion Act (EEWärmeG): The Act aims at promoting a sustainable energy supply in the heat sector by increasing the share of renewable energy to 14% by 2020. To this end, owners of newly erected buildings are obliged by EEWärmeG to use certain amounts of renewable energies for their heat requirements (certain exceptions apply). Renewable energies include solar radiation, geothermal energy, ambient heat and biomass. Building owners have to demonstrate the required use of renewable energy (Section 10 EEWärmeG).
  • Energy Tax Act (Energiesteuergesetz – EnergieStG): Pursuant to Section 50 para 1 no. 4 EnergieStG reduced tax rates apply for bio fuels and bio heating fuels comprised of biogas (bio methane). Again proof of bio methane has to be demonstrated.

Dena started developing the biogas register in 2009 in cooperation with market participants and experts from the political sector and the industry. The project has been sponsored by the Federal Environment Ministry. According to dena, a good dozen producers and traders as well as twenty auditors and auditing companies have so far made use of the biogas register, having participated in introductory seminars.

Source: dena (press release), dena Biogasregister

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