Cabinet Approves 2nd Wind System Service Ordinance Amendment

The Federal Government recently approved the Second Ordinance Amending the Ordinance on System Services by Wind Energy Plants (SDLWindV). The amendment remedies problems with the certification of wind parks aimed at showing the necessary compliance with SDLWindV. This has been an issue for further expansion of wind energy in Germany.

The SDLWindV contains technical requirements which wind farms have to fulfill with regard to maintaining network voltage and frequency. It shall ensure network stability in view of an increasing share of wind energy. 

For wind trubines starting operation after 31 March 2011, compliance with the SDLWindV needs to be certified for the turbines to be eligible for feed-in tariffs under the the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). The certification process proved to be more difficult than expected. The revision of the SDLWindV intends to address and remedy those problems.

Source: Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety

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