Oil & Gas IQ Podcasts on Nuclear Power Moratorium, Shutdown Orders and Lawsuit

The information portal Oil & Gas IQ now has two podcasts with Tim Haidar and myself talking about the German nuclear power moratorium following the Fukushima nuclear desaster, subsequent shutdown orders for seven nuclear power plants and a lawsuit challenging the shutdown.

In the  first podcast on “Fukushima and the German Nuclear Moratorium”, Tim Haïdar of Oil & Gas IQ and I talk about the moratorium, its legal background and its impact for current and future German energy policy.

The second podcast follows up on developments regarding the moratorium. It covers the shutdown orders for the seven oldest nuclear power plants, the lawsuit by RWE AG brought against the termorary decommission of the Biblis plants, and the situation in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg after the state election that will possibly lead to a Green/SPD government.

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Source: OilandGasIQ: Podcast II; OilandGasIQ: Podcast I

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