Federal Network Agency Sets New Rules for Tendering Control Reserve

The Federal Network Agency has set new rules for tendering primary and secondary control reserve as well as disclosure obligations. The rules shall facilitate access to the control reserve market for new and for smaller market participants, while at the same time creating more flexibility and thus more competition. 

The new rules include a shortened tendering period of one week instead of one month, as well as a lower minimum supply offer (Mindestangebotsgröße) of 1 MW instead of 5 MW for primary control reserve and of 5 MW instead of 10 MW for secondary control reserve. Furthermore, bidders can supply control reserve from power plants that are backed by plants of third parties. In addition, pooling power plant capacities to provide control reserve has been facilitated.

In Germany the four transmission system operators are responsible to procure the necessary control reserve by holding tenders. Their internet portal can be accessed here. So far, only a few major market participants provided control reserve, the Federal Network Agency pointed out.

The new rules have to be implemented by 27 June 2011.

Source: Federal Network Agency

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