BNetzA: Proposal for Standardisation of Redispatch Rules to Ensure Network Stability

The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) has initiated proceedings aimed at determining redispatch rules for power plants connected to the German high and extra-high voltage network. The new rules shall contribute to ensuring network stability.

As the president of the agency Matthias Kurth explained, the nuclear power moratorium with its temporary shut down of the seven oldest nuclear power plants as well as regular shut downs due to planned safety checks currently reduced capacity by  9,700 MW. It is therefore likely that transmission system operators will have to redispatch generation more frequently as part of the security and congestion management.

The Federal Network Agency noted that Section 13(1) of the Energy Act (EnWG) does not provide transmission system operators with the possibility to oblige generators to carry out certain security management and congestion measures to secure network stability. Existing bilateral contractual agreements are not uniformly used throughout the country. Therefore, a key issue paper published by the 6th Ruling Chamber of the Federal Network Agency proposes to determine new rules regarding

  • a reduction of input power, including a complete shutdown of plants;
  • an increase of input power, including starting power plants that are shut down;
  • changes regarding the input of retroactive power (Blindleistung);
  • deferring planned power plant revisions if requested by the transmission system operator;
  • coordination between transmission and distribution system operators for access to power plants connected to the 110 kV network.

Interested parties are asked to comment on the key issue paper by 20 May 2011.

Regarding compensation for affected power plant operators, the 8th Ruling Chamber will issue a separate communication.

Source:  Federal Network Agency

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