Federal Cabinet Adopts Government Programme Electromobility

Following the presentation of the second report of the National Electromobility Initiative (NPE) on Monday, the Federal Cabinet adopted a Government Programme Electromobility.

As already announced on Monday by the competent ministries, the government intends to allocate an additional EUR 1 billion for R&D until the end of the legislative term. The joint press release by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology and the Federal Ministry of Transport emphasises that the government’s activities shall be coordinated with European and international activities in the field of electromobility.

Regional show case projects and technical pilot projects shall inform the public about electromobility, provide information with respect to the mass market suitability of the technical innovations and strengthen innovation and pool competences, creating synergy effects. The federal advice centre “Research and Innovation” shall provide help and advice with regard to suitable support programmes, in particular for medium-sized companies.

In addition to the R&D activities, the government wants to create a set of incentives to promote electric cars. The government programme mentions tax privileges for private vehicles and company cars as well as non-monetary incentives like priority parking. The use of special lanes, e.g. bus lanes, shall be further examined in the context of the show case projects.

The government essentially follows NPE’s suggestions without giving direct aid like providing loans at reduced rates of interest as suggested by NPE or grants as suggested by the car industry and opposition members.

Source: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

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