EUR 200 Million in Research Funds for Storage Facilities

The expansion of new storage facilities is a key element for a speedy expansion of renewable energies. The German federal government acknowledged this in last year’s Energy Concept as well as in the  6-point Key Paper for an Accelerated Transformation of the German Energy Infrastructurefollowing the Fukushima nuclear accident. Yesterday, the competent ministries announced to make available EUR 200 million in research funds until 2014.

The support programme shall promote research on a wide variety of storage technologies for electricity, heat and other energy sources. Details have been published in the Federal Gazette no. 75 of 17 May 2011, official section, pages 1840 to 1843. Project details can be submitted until 8 July 2011.

The ministries announced that new projects can be submitted in 2012. 

Source: Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety

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