Clearingstelle EEG Initiates Advice Procedure on Extension of PV Installations

Clearingstelle EEG (EEG Clearing Agency) recently initiated an advice procedure (Hinweisverfahren) aimed at determining the commissioning date for PV installations that are extensions of existing PV power plants.

EEG Clearing Agency is an independent body established by the Ministry for the Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety that serves interested parties with regard to the interpretation and disputes relating to the EEG.

Section 19 para. 1 no. 4 EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act) provides with respect to tariffs paid for electricity from several installations that “several installations shall be classified as one installation, notwithstanding ownership, and solely for the purpose of determining the tariff to be paid for the latest generator commissioned where they were commissioned within a period of twelve consecutive calendar months”.

EEG Clearing Agency wants to determine whether

  1. The date of commissioning of the first modules applies to all modules added within a period of twelve consecutive calendar months; or
  2. Whether the date of commissioning has to be determined with respect to each individual module so that the applicable feed-in tariff depends on the date of commissioning of the respective module and may include degressions that have occured in the meantime.

Associations, interest groups and public authorities listed the code of procedure of EEG Clearing Agency are asked to comment by 6 June 2011.

Source: Clearingstelle EEG